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Falstaff - Awards 2019

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FALSTAFF RESERVE TROPHY WINNER: Blaufränkisch Grande Reserve VMAX 2015


We are glad to announce that our Blaufränkisch Grande Reserve VMAX 2015 was awarded by the Falstaff Reserve Trophy! Our flagship got 96 Falstaff-points and is one of the great winners of high recommended Reserve Trophy.


Because of the great ratings of our red wines, we are again highly awarded by the Falstaff red wine guide 2019!

Zweigelt Classic 2017: 90 Punkte

Blaufränkisch Classic Mittelburgenland DAC 2017: 89 Punkte

Blaufränkisch Alt Satz 2017: 90 Punkte

Cuvée Prickler 2017: 91 Punkte

Blaufränkisch Vitikult 2017: 91 Punkte

Zweigelt Select 2017: 91 Punkte

Blaufränkisch Reserve Mittelburgenland DAC 2015: 93 Punkte

Blaufränkisch Grande Reserve VMAX 2015: 96 Punkte!